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Residential Roof

For over 75 years Joseph S. Bowling Company has installed all types of roofs throughout the greater Louisville area. Choosing the correct roof on your home
is there to enrich it's appearance and protect it from all variations of weather. We strive
to install your roof with quality materials & professional workmanship to insure the
protection of your home. Bowling Roofing employs only the finest roof technicians who
come experienced to deliver you a quality roof. We understand how much your home
means to you, and want to protect your homes beauty with proper set up, installation &
clean up throughout the process.

Let's face it, roofs are not exciting and at their best when you don't notice them. If
your roof is getting your attention it's most likely leaking. However a roof protects your
home, your possessions and you from rain, snow, heat & cold. A roofing system is one
vital piece in the overall protection your home provides. From attic insulation all the way
up to the chimney we can help protect your home!

Residential Services
- Roof Replacements
- Copper & Pre-Painted Metal Chimney Caps
- Gutters and Downspouts
- Roof Repairs
- Insurance Claims
- Metal counter flashing
- Blown-In attic insulation

Copper & Pre-Painted Metal Chimney Caps






Blown-In Attic Insulation
Heating and cooling your home uses more energy and costs more than any other system, using an average of 45% of your utility bill. Studies have shown that attic insulation is the most effective way to cut your energy bill and make your home more environmentally friendly. JS Bowling company offers blown-in attic insulation, the easiest and most cost effective method of conserving energy.  

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